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speed limit in Montana & Cadillac

The law enforcement in Montana is pushing for speed limit of 75mph on
highways in Montana. The law enforcement sites that "highway accidents"
have gone way up after the speed limit was abolished. So much for U.S.
autobahn. Bureaucracy 1, U.S. drivers 0. (For curiosity, would anyone care
to dig up the annual profits of Montana Bureaucratic Enhancing

Caddillac and StabiliTrak

magazine ad, "Without StabiliTrak":

"In this situation, the driver is going too fast on an icy, wet road. The
driver tries to bring the vehicle back into control but the vehicle spins
out and strikes a guardrail."

"Rats! Honey, it's the guardrail again!"

In the TV commercial, it's shown with a Caddi that seems like going about
60mph swerving a runaway shopping cart.

Is it just me or it seems like Caddis are sold to people with questionable
logic and decision-making? (No offense to Graydon et al.)

Mandatory Audi content:

Saw the A4t and A8 TV commercial on The Weather Channel and Lifetime,
respectively. The (nuclear yellow) A4t commercial was sort of, um, okay (I
guess). Driving through fast pace with flashing headlines in between.

The A8, although a lot better than the no-brainer one for A6 Avant, is
somewhat of a dissapointment. The setting is sort of "Hollywood premier
movie opening" thing, in which a lot of photographers are supposidly
cramming "for shot of the stars" coming out of their cars. Instead, one
photographer went pass the supposed "star" and went to take picture of A8

Personally, I don't think the commercial is right for the target audience
who are suppose to part with 65,000 Washingtons.

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