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Fwd: Re: drive shafts

I have been told I have a bad drive shaft.  Jim @ Blaufengunen and 
Linda @ Carlson both said to live with it until it gets too noisy.  Is 
it ok to do that on a drive shaft.  Will it fall off on the interstate 
without notice or leave me stranded somewhere?

FYI, I called PAP to see if this is a used/rebuilt part they have. They 
didn't but suggested looking up the yellow pages under drive shafts.  I 
called the only non truck drive shaft shop and he wants to look at it.  
They work on some european cars, but doesn't have an Audi Bentley and 
with quattro, he is a little apprehensive.  So am I if he feels that 
way, but his honesty was refreshing.   Will let you know what I find 

89 200tqw