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Stuck in the snow

I was at work Saturday night/Sunday morning and came out to the parking lot
with about a foot of heavy, wet snow with about two feet where the plow went
through the parking lot. Couldn't get out; even with diffs locked (first time I
ever tried the switch).

Went out and borrowed a special Audi tool from the security guard and was out
in about 45 minutes. This is the first time that I've been stuck in the 5000Q
and my second time that I've ever been stuck.

The special Audi tool was a shovel. Funny thing is that I packed a shovel
earlier in the afternoon to shovel my mother's driveway but took it took it out
when I got home. I'll keep a little plastic shovel in the trunk when storms are

The forecast that I had seen, here in the Northeast was 3 to 5 inches (it was a
Friday night forecast).

Michael Moy
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