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RE:Get a 4000?


	In response to your question about getting a 4000, My Coupes and
Quattros have been my favorite cars I have ever owned!  The things to
check more than anything is that the car was cared for and maintenenced
properly along the way, I'm sure you will get lots of responses on that
topic :)  I wanted to personally relay my experiences with the safety
and crash worthiness of the cars.  #1:My first Audi was an '84 Coupe GT,
Traffic had abrutly stopped on the freeway and I was rearended by
another car that was doing apx. 40 MPH.  I was uninjured (I was wearing
a seatbelt), the Audi had minor cosmetic damage to the bumber and rear
valence and the exaust tip was crushed.  The escort on the other hand
was completely f%&*%d beyond repair, there was nothing left of the car
from the firewall forward and the motor was shoved under the car and
laying on the pavement (tip:don't buy an escort).  #2:In the same Coupe
2 years later I rearended a Buick at a stop light at 50 MPH.  Since I
was braking hard the car nose dived and everything above the bumber was
crushed and shoved back, I again was uninjured (tip:I was wearing my
seatbelt again.), the Audi still ran but had no front lighting or grill,
both doors still opened like silk :).  There were no salvage parts
available at the time and the cost of replacement sheet metal totaled
the car, but I'm sure someone rebuilt it, I sware I saw it around town
about 4 months later.  #3:My next car was an '86 Coupe GT, that I had
just finished a suspension upgrade with H&R springs and Boge Turbo Gas
shocks.  6 Months to the day after I totaled the '84 Coupe a 16 year old
kid ran a stop sign and I T-boned him at apx. 70 MPH with no time to
brake on my part.  I again, buy the grace of GOD and Audi was uninjured
(you guessed it , I was wearing my seatbelt).  The motor mounts broke
away as they were designed to, the engine dropped and started under the
car slightly flaring the shift tunnel, the block cracked and spilled
oil, the nose of the car was shortened by a foot and a half, the roof
had a small buckle in it, but both doors still opened!  Nothing
encroached on the passenger compartment, it maintained shape and
integrity.  I did get a slight bruise from the seatbelt but I walked
away from the crash!  I now own an '84 4000 S Quattro that I have
managed to keep from harm for 4 months :)  I do drive slower and more
cautious now but I STILL DRIVE AN AUDI 4000!  For me there is no other
car but AUDI and especially the 4000!  I hope that my testimony puts
your mind at ease about the safety of the Audi 4000 line of cars.

Stephen Jenkins
Portland, OR