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RE:Get a 4000?


	It's me again with some thoughts on the VW Quantum.  After the loss of
my '86 Coupe GT I was unable to find a nice Audi so I went with an '84
VW Quantum GL5 for a little over a year.  The Quantums are on the same
chassis as the Audi 4000 cars, almost all suspension and drive train
parts are the same (except for the VW Syncro rear suspension design). 
The car is an Audi 4000 in VW clothing, they are however not made with
the same quality of coach works as the 4000's, drive one and you will
know what I mean.  The Quantum is a solid car but it didn't get a
favorable response from the US public, it did however go over very well
in china where there are a blue million of the things under the name VW
Santana.(note:don't be afraid of Quantum parts made in the the peoples
republic of china, they have been proven to be of good quality)  I
wouldn't be afraid of owning a Quantum but it doesn't carry the status
that Audi ownership does :)  I am also currently selling my '84 Quantum
GL5 since I got the '84 4KSQ, it is in excellent mechanical condition
and is fully loaded, every option works completely!  If anyone is
interested please E-mail me at <sjenkins@spiretech.com> for more
details.  That enough for now, see you all later in future Quattro

Stephen Jenkins
Portland, OR