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RE:200 TQ plug and wires


	Personally I use the Bosch silicone wire set and plain old 3 electrode
or Bosch copper plugs.  I have found that Platinums and other "super
hi-tech GI Joe whitha kung foo grip" spark plugs cost way too much, fowl
easy and have a short life expectantcy for minimal return in
performance.  And yes I would definately do all new cap, rotor, wires
and plugs, especially if your going on a road trip.  One note of
importance is:Get your tune up parts from a Bosch authorized
distributor.  I found out through a family friend who worked for Bosch
that the Bosch stuff you get from K-Mart, Schucks, Nationwise, and other
discount cheapy stores are mismathed factory seconds and not first run
high quality Bosch equipment.  Happy tuning and have a safe road trip :)

Stephen Jenkins
Portland, OR