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Thanks, all

In message <32ACE3E5.6FE3@ca.aif.or.jp> KAZUMA FUKUSHIMA writes:

> There is another Quattro that I want.
> This is the Ur-Quattro.

In the UK, we use the simple name "quattro" to mean an ur-quattro.  Any other 
types of quattro are identified by their proper name, e.g., "Audi 200 quattro".

> If someone wants to sell a good condition Ur-Quattro and the conditions are right 
> then I want to purchase it immediately, so please let me know its history and 
> sales price. Also I would be very pleased if I was able to view a photograph of 
> it.

There are around 10 to 15 ur-quattros on sale in the UK at any one time.  

I've faxed the current UK Club "for sale" list to you.  All of these cars 
(except the very early 1981 LHD) are right-hand drive, and thus suitable for a 
country that drives on the right.  UK 10-valve cars, however, are not fitted 
with catalysators and need leaded petrol.  Would this be a problem if you 
imported a car into Japan?
The UK's 20V _is_ fitted with a catalysator and uses unleaded petrol.  However, 
20Vs are expensive compared with the similarly-performing "MB" or "TORSEN" 10V 
car.  Most of the urqs listed in the UK Club newsletter are older "WR" non-
TORSEN cars like the ones shipped to the USA - two are MB TORSENs and two are 
20Vs. Personally I think GBP22,000 (US$33,000) is a lot too much for a six-year 
old urq.

The reason these cars are so cheap (the 1981 LHD is only GBP3600, despite being 
a very early and collectable car with cable-operated differential locks) is 
that parts and especially service are hard to get at reasonable prices.
I've spent (over three years) very nearly as much as the GBP10,000 (US$15,000) 
my car cost me in the first place.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club