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Re: '85 GT clutch/tranny problems again

Fluhr wrote:
> Well, here we go again.  My transmission is now making chirping/squeaking
> noises when I try to put it into gear.
> A few weeks ago, I replaced the clutch slave and master cylinders because
> Well, late last night and early this morning, the car is exhibiting the
> same symptoms.  It is extremely difficult (near impossible) to put the
> car into gear from a stop.  Once I am moving, it is easier but still not
> normal.  If I put the car in first at a stop, on level ground, and hold
> the clutch in, the car will creep forward.  However, if I let the clutch
> out, it seems to operate normally (i.e. there is some pedal travel before
> I feel the clutch engage, maybe 2", then it engages normally), so I think
> the hydraulics are working fine (that is, they hold pressure ok).
> The difference, this time, is that something is chirping/squeaking when
> I put the car in gear, and it sometimes squeaks when the car is in a gear
> and I hold the clutch in.
> Thanks,
> Eric
> '85 Coupe GT, makin' life difficult again
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Assuming all is Ok in the hydraulics.... I suspect the clutch release bearing, based on 
your described noises.... of course if you go for visual checking,   you should perform 
a complete clutch surgery.... it will last many more miles of enjoyment.. in any case 
your efforts with the master and slave cylinders are not lost...
Good luck. I hope I am wrong and something like a clip of hose..etc. would be  your