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Re: 200QTW Belt Whine

Several things about belts: 

They have to have the right profile to match the pully. It should not ride
too deep, but high enough that the back of the belt is above the pulley's

Too tight is bad for the belt and bearings, tightness just has to guarantee
that the belt will not slip, tension beyond that point is a trading
belt/bearing life against belt damage from slippage.

I suspect even though dealers charge you $50 plus per hour, thay may assign
jobs like this to their $5.00/hr help while the expensive/experienced/smart
wrench is doing the tough jobs.

NEVER, Never assume too much from dealers. They didn't get rich trying hard
to be honest. Pardon my cynicism but I just had some trivial work done for
$200 and they were hard selling me for more.

Let us know, I'm definitely curious,