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Re: ABS on, but not working (diff locks?)

In a message dated 96-12-10 00:52:15 EST, you write:

<< Possibly related:
 I tried engaging the diff locks to see if the "ABS off" light functions
 normally. When I go to position 1, surprisingly, I get no diff lock
 light, hmmmm.( I checked the bulb-its OK) and the "ABS off" light DOES NOT
 illuminate. When I go to position 2, just that diff lock light illuminates,
 and the "ABS off" light also illuminates--as normal, except for the position
 1 light-not on.
 Could a problem in the diff lock cause the ABS not to work at all?
 Any ideas on how to proceed on the diff lock function? >>
Sounds like you have a ripped boot for the center lock diaphram...  Replace
it, try again...  For your abs situation, sounds like the sensors are too
close to the driveshafts.....  Make sure you are getting a voltage (AC) from
the sensor when you spin the wheel...  Surprised at this one....  Usually the
system easily defaults to off...  Also, if the driveshaft splines are shot, a
good reading, no abs....   Hard to believe that all 4 are gone tho...