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Death of US Autobahn Greatly Exaggerated

  Dear Speed Freaks,
       While Montana may indeed move their speed limit to a regulated
  75mph...the real "limit" stayed at around 85 or 90mph anyway...and then
  it was up to John Law whether or not you got a ticket.  Remember, we are
  talking about the same state that did a study about 10 years ago and
  found that while it was issuing tickets at about $10-$15 it was costing
  the state about $17 on average to write 'em.  Believe me, the Autobahn
  will not die entirely..it's just a little sick. When I was in Montana in
  September, I heard a lot of Montanans that were "not happy" about
  fur-en-ners (that would be anyone not from Montana) coming into their
  state to do "speed runs."  They all seemed to understand that there
  always was and always will be a limit.  I was out shortly after the M-B
  test debacle.  Every Montanan seemed to be quite thrilled that they were
  caught.  I have to admit, that while getting caught doing over 100 in
  Montana probably means paying a $75 to $100 appearance bond and then a
  ticket, it sure as hell beats spending the night in jail (a real
  probability) and getting your license suspended as it would in many

        Wherever there are wide stretches of beautiful Western road there
  is an Autobahn to be had.  Fact of the matter is; if you can't see well
  enough to determine if John Law is about, you probably shouldn't be
  burying 100 anyway.  You don't think I drive cross-country every year
  just to get locusts jammed in my grill and a sore butt do ya?  Just my

            Have a GOOD One Everybody!