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Re: when to shut off ABS, plus when to shut off Airbags

Come on guys, quit bitchin' ('cos its MY turn!).  On my '97 A4Q,
they REMOVED the lousy switch to turn-off ABS.  Now what
do I do in loose snow?

In the same vein ... I have small children, and have gotten 
concerned at the issue of airbag detonation injuring children
& small adults in front seats, even when belted.  Does anyone 
know an easy way to disconnect the passenger side airbag 
(temporarily) or a place to wire a switch?  My old '90 90Q 
had a connector easily accessible under the dash for the 
(then driver-only) airbag, I assume for maintenance purposes.  
BTW, before flaming (though I'm sure I'll get some anyway), I 
ALWAYS have everyone buckle-up.

-Mark Quinn