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Re: That fr. strut changing tool...

In a message dated 96-12-10 11:34:09 EST, you write:

<< Scott,
 Maybe I'm confused...What does 2069 actually do vs. 3078 ? If you paid $200
 used, we must be talking about 2 different tools entirely. I forgot to
 mention that 2069 is actually 2069a now, for what that's worth..
   P.S.  - Price is $36 >>
>>>>  REALLY, I paid almost 200 used....  Make sure you got the right one....
 It is audi tool 2069...  I believe 35USD was the price of 3078, which is the
special socket for removal of the upper strut nut (and not necessary btw)
2069/a is for the removal of the strut from the strut housing....  3078 is
basically a 7/8 socket with the side cut out to put in the 6mm hex....  2069
has a 1/2 drive on one end, a long (12in) body, and what looks like a nut
welded to it at the other end.  You drop it over the shock piston lower it
down and it recesses into the cap that hold the strut into the housing....
 That cap has a 133ft/lb spec...  The 3078 tool is for a 44ft/lb spec of the
top nut....  If 2069a is now 36USD, I'm crying already, tho since mine has
audi rings on it, it's prolly made out of some hi tech crome molly audi