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Re: A4 1.8T Manual. I know of 3 right here!!!

Hi Guys,
     I've been following this inquiry as to when the first 1.8 T 
Manuals come to the states. Well  I don't know if I'm going to ruin 
anyones day but here in Colo. Spgs., Colorado at Phil long Audi, they 
have at least 3 '97 1.8T Quattro MANUALS. That's right, the ones with 
the stick shift! In fact, I have yet to see one with a slushbox. The 
colors? YELLOW-ohhh! , GOLD-weird but nice and SILVER-very sweet!
All have the 16 inch five spokers and all have a  Km/hr speedometer 
that runs up to 260km/hr. Am I going nuts or do we just get lucky 
here in Colorado?  
                Just thought I'd let everyone know and as to my 
preference? The yellow one is way too cool! Tint the windows dark, 
get a black bra and throw on the ski rack! Then chip it up!

                                        Chad Clark