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Re: RE:Rain-ex solution!

On Dec 10,  1:54am, Stephen Jenkins wrote:
> Subject: RE:Rain-ex solution!
> Chris,
> 	I have not had a problem with rain-ex, I have used it for
> years.  My only idea is that there was something else on the window
> that the rain-ex had a chemical reaction with that ruined your
> windsheild.

No, Chris is right.  It's happened to me on every car I've
ever used Rain-X on, and I keep making the mistake of trying
again.  Granted, the smearing isn't real bad, but I notice

The problem isn't with using Rain-X.  Rain-X works just fine,
and I'm sure you haven't had a problem with it after using it
for years.  The problem is when you decide *not* to use
Rain-X anymore.  The stuff is addictive.  Use it once, and
you're hooked.  The only way to prevent smearing seems to be
to continue to use it.

Chris, keep us posted.  I was gonna try acetone, but since
you already tried it, I guess I won't bother.  Have you tried
calling them?

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q