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Re: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder

On Dec 10, 10:08am, tlazay@ultranet.com wrote:
> Subject: Please Explain A4 2.8 Driveline Shudder
> I've been following this discussion for a while and I can't
> reproduce the same engine phenomenon. Maybe I'm not looking for
> the right thing. Could somebody give me an idea of what exactly
> to look for to identify this problem. Many thanks.

I don't remember what range of rpm causes it, but here's
a loose description.  You're in 3rd gear, pedal to the floor.
You do a fast shift to 4th, again floor the pedal as you
come off the clutch.  At that moment, the car develops
the shudder.  It lasts for about a second, and feels as
though the clutch is alternately slipping and grabbing, or
as though instead of actually hold the gas pedal all the way
down, you were fluttering it at a rate of around 10 pulses
per second.

Does this sound close, to others who've experienced it?  It's
definitely a resonance set up somewhere, whether mechanical
or electronic.

Dan Masi
'96 A4Q