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Engine swap possiblities

In message <961210161104_102036.2004_BHC127-1@CompuServe.COM> Stephen Jacobs writes:

> I have come across an 1991 Quattro Coupe sans engine, the price was right so 
> I bought it.

An ur-quattro body, or the rounded rump variety?  Care to post the VIN? 
> So since I don't have any engine currently I am open to reasonable suggestions.
> I am thinking a Audi I5 engine or I5 Turbo, or a VW G60 or VR6.  Since I can
> already located a VR6 engine is it the best swap, or does it even go togther?
> Of course the best engine would be the original, but I don't even no what that
> was.  Looking for a little insight, please enlighten me.

If it's an ur-quattro body, the original engine was a 20V RR.

> Also did Audi make a Turbo Coupe in 91?  And if so was it brought into this
> country?

Yes. No.  Depending, of course, on which country "this" is - your CompuServe ID
looks European.

> And I would also like info on what to expect as far as problem areas
> for the car? Is there a FAQ about the coupes or Quattros anywhere on the Net?

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club