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Re: Engine swap possiblities

On Dec 10, 11:11am, Stephen Jacobs wrote:
> Subject: Engine swap possiblities
> I know you can swap anything into anything, but I prefer to keep the car
> within a specific set of manufacturers, IE Audi and VW.
> So since I don't have any engine currently I am open to reasonable
> I am thinking a Audi I5 engine or I5 Turbo ...

	I'm sure everyone else will tell you this, too -- the
	best engine to put in there would be the 20V I-5 turbo
	(engine code 3B, found in '91 200Q's and later S4/S6 models,
	also in European S2's). You'll then essentially have an
	S2, which many lusters list after (!) and Audi forgot to
	import to the US.

	But a 3B from a wreck is a pretty expensive beast: didn't
	someone here mention $5-6K?


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