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3.0 Bar Turbo Boost!?!?

Ned's (Intended Acceleration) new price list for his Audi turbo mods. lists a
3.0 Bar (24-25psig) computer modification for both the 91 200(20v)TQ's and
the S4/S6- I think he is calling this stage V.  He apparently modifies the
chips as well as changes out the pressure transducer.  This computer mod.
must be done in conjunction with the higher flow exhaust manifold and sport
turbo (RS2 turbo I believe) so it aint cheap but he's claiming 330 horses for
the 200TQ and 340 horses for the S4/S6.  Just want to know what you all think
about running that much boost on such a high compression engine (9.3 to 1)
using the pump gas - the best stuff I can buy in Colorado is 91 octane.  I
have had some discussions with Scott (PDQSHIP) but wanted to solicit some
more discussion before I spend the big bucks on a bigger turbo and Ned's
computer mods (I already have the RS2 manifold, 2.3 Bar ECU, and K&N cone
filter on my 94 S4).  I have the following questions:
1.  Anyone tried this Stage 5 mod., if so how's it working?
2.  Will this wear out your engine significantly sooner than if I keep
running my current mods (I use Mobil 1 15W50 and change it every 3-5K and
currently have 54,000 miles on the odometer- car was completely unmodified
until 47,000miles)?
3.  Will this cause any particular hoses to blow more often ( I have already
gone with TAP's super-reinforced SAMCO sport lower intercooler hose)?
4.  How's driving over 10,000 ft. mountain passes going to effect the car
with a mod like this? - Ned made some comment that I may run into some
trouble driving it up Pikes Peak - but I wasn't sure exactly what he was
getting at - he didn't give me any specifics. 
5.  How's the clutch going to hold up with this much horsepower (assuming I
don't do anything stupid like dropping it a few times from 5,000 rpms)?
6. What's the normal life of a 200 TQ or S4 clutch?
7.  Anyone else out there running 3.0 bar (24-25psig) on a 10V Turbo and what
are your impressions/experiences?
Marc Weiner
94S4 and 90CQ
R.I.P. 91 200 TQ and 88 80Q