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New Passat VR5 and VR6 syncro

Got this off of the GTI VR6 list.  The comentary is from the original poster
(and, unfortunately, kind of typical for that list from what I've seen).
Kind of interesting though.  25valve VR5 synchro/quattro?  I bet that'd be
really easy to attach a turbo to.

>This is an article from SAE's Automotive Engineering mag, November 96.  Note 
>the VR6 syncro stuff.  Sounds like lots and lots of fun.  It also mentions 
>the VR5.  They list the HP at 145 HP.  I had heard rumors of close of 200 HP. 
> Anyone know anything about this??
>Start of Article...
>>"Volkswagen's new Passat sedan is the first user of VW's V configuration
>> 2.3L, 
>>five-cylinder engine.  The VR5 has been created by deleting on cylinder
>> from 
>>its established VR6 power unit, and is mounted longitudinally.  It is
>> claimed 
>>as the world's first production V5 and is said to give near V6 levels of 
>>smoothness while being considerably better than a four cylinder engine.  
>>Power output is 110 kW (145 HP) at 6000 rpm with maximum torque of 205 Nm 
>>(151 Ft lbs) at 3200 rpm.  VW has concentrated on the Passat's
>> aerodynamics 
>>and it achieves a Cd of 0.27, which puts it among the world's most
>> slippery 
>>cars.  It achieves this with no obvious aerodynamic additions.
>>	The car's  platform, including suspension and various components, is 
>>shared with the Audi A4.  VW is aiming for far greater platform 
>>standardization across the group (Audi, Skoda, Seat).  VW says the car is
>> "a 
>>major step forward towards a new dimension in VW designs."  Physically,
>> that 
>>means an overall length of 4.67m, width of 1.74m, and height of 1.46m on a 
>>2.7m wheelbase, which makes it slightly larger than the outgoing model. 
>> The 
>>body is fully galvanized.  Engine choices include diesel and gasoline units
>>One of the direct injection diesels... BLAH BLAH BLAH.   The gasoline VR6 
>>engine, in 2.8-L form, produces 142 kW (190 HP) and has five valves per 
>>cylinder, variable camshaft control, and a variable intake manifold (YA 
>>HOO!!).  Maximum torque is 280 Nm at 3200 rpm.  The VR6 engine is offered
>> in 
>>conjunction with syncro permanent all-wheel drive using a Torsen center 
>>differential.  The car's engine is mounted longitudinally.  The VR6 syncro
>> is 
>>said to reach 100 km/h in 7.6 sec and to have a top speed of 238 km/h (147 
>>mph).  Transmission availability, depending on model, includes a five
>> speed 
>>auto with manual Tiptronic selection (YE HA!!).  In full auto mode, a Dynam
>>Shift Program is used to match transmission reaction to driving style
>> (fuzzy 
>>logic for lazy drivers).
>>	Suspension includes a four link layout at the front, said to "almost 
>>entirely" eliminate driveline effects on steering.  Disk brakes, allied to 
>>ABS, are fitted all around, ventilated at the front.  Saftey equipment
>> BLAH 
>end of article.
>Dan Bateson

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