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Audi Promotions ( was re: Oprah has an A8 )

Bill Murin wrote...
> Noticed an interesting piece in Sunday's Chicago Tribune.
> Apparently, in a number of markets, audi had been contacting some high
> profile folks to see if they wanted to sepend some time with a new A8.

[ snip ]                
   On a related tack... Audi apparently put on a special on-site 
promotion at the office building where my girlfriend works.  Seems the 
owner of one of the ( small ) firms in the building is/was thinking about 
Audi company cars for all his employees... a few dozen as I understand.

   So Audi ( of America ) brought a half dozen or so into their parking 
garage one day... an A8, a coupe A6s and A4s, maybe a Cabriolet... 
complete with a few salesmen, catered lunch, and a few, in my girlfriend's 
-ahem- words, Audi-whores... leggy, scantily-clad model types.

   And of course, there's a woman in the building whose beau brought her 
a pearl white A4Q 2.8 wrapped in red ribbon at lunch a few months ago.

'tis a strange place...

 Dave Hillman
 New Boston Systems, Chicago