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Re: Brake Accumulator and Steering Rack

 > looks like my "new" '89 200q needs a brake accumulator and steering rack.
> Apparently, I've heard that these are the "newer" steering racks that cannot
> be rebuilt.   I've been quoted $415 installed for the accumulator and $715
> installed for the rack.  I'm not capable of doing anything like this myself
> - but I'm curious to know if there are any suggestions of getting the parts
> cheaper or a better solution altogether.  If anyone has any thoughts I'd
> much appreciate it!

I just spent basicaly all last weekend doing exactly this job on 
exactly the same car. By the way, a big thank you to Bill Samaras
for his steering rack write-up in the archives - incredibly helpful.
The job was still a total b**ch though.

I got my rebuilt rack and new accumulator from Jim Blau at 
Blaufergnugen (800-683 AUDI) - he had the best prices I could find and is 
extremely helpful and knowledgeable. There are 2 possible racks for the '89
200Q, according to him. If you give him the VIN, he'll tell you which 
one you need. The later type (mine) is about $100 more expensive,
at around $280 - 300. 

The rack he sent me was rebuilt by Precision Remanufacturing Inc. and
comes with a "lifetime" warranty - as long as you keep the car. He
reckons they're better than the ZF rebuilds.
I think he charged me low $200's for the accumulator, and it is 
simple to install - half hour's work, so your quote for  $415 installed is way
too much, IMHO. The accumulator for the '89 200Q is different to the 
one on many other Audi's, so make sure you get the correct one.

My suggestion is you order the parts from someone like Blaufergnugen
and find a competent independent repair shop or mechanic who is
willing to install them for you. That way you're sure you've got the 
right parts, and you're not getting ripped off on parts markup by a 

Good luck, & let us know how it works out.
Nick Craft