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Re: Airbags, me wasting your BW

-- [ From: human * EMC.Ver #2.5.02 ] --

> injuring children & small adults in front seats, even when belted.-Mark

Yes, a good way to injure children is to put them in the front seat... 

Who mentioned previously that in, Germany was it?, that the front passenger
seat is the last one filled?  What an interesting social convention, like
always surrendering your keys when the first drink goes into your hand...

I think passive restraints are stoopid.  But if someone in an accident dies
unbelted, can we as a culture say, "it was their fault" and not pay out
insurance or assign blame elsewhere?  Can we hold the person entirely
responsible for their safety?  Well, you would think so, but try losing a
close relative and being told, "too bad, it was their fault".  I am sure you
would want revenge, restitution, etc. even if they weren't belted in. 
That's why we have passive restraints.  To protect our insurance companies
from other people's laziness, stupidity, carelessness, forgetfulness etc. 
(OK it's also those who would try to protect us from ourselves, the Big
Brother crowd)  And we all want lower insurance rates, right?

just my nickel and a half on this. 
I've probably wasted too much BL (bandlength, don't get me started) as it is