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Re: A3? and projector lights

> They sell projector beam headlight conversion kits for Civic's and it
> retails for $295.00! How come we can't have something like that for our
> Audi's? Maybe if we pursuaded the makers enough.
... and how many Civics do see on the road as compared to how many cars 
like yours?  Given that ratio ... now think of how many cars like yours 
have aftermarket gizmos installed as compared to the Civics.  The other 
problem is that the US DOT is so anal about lighting ... you can probably
find exactly what you are looking for in Europe, where volumes are higher.
It is probably still true that if the DOT audits your car and does not see 
"DOT" molded in the light assembly somewhere that they can confiscate your 
lamps ... the fact that the government is that way also makes it that much 
more expensive when you buy those euro lights ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)