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English (Amurcan) translations

Phil, you wrote about "Bumper (Fender) repairs", which I'm afraid
I can't help you with.  However, as an ex-pat Brit living in Maryland
(US of A) I CAN help you with your English-American translations!

Here goes, English (American):
 Bumper  (Bumper)
 Wing (Fender)
 Boot (Trunk) [u got this one right]

 ... and for completeness:
 Bonnet (Hood)
 Windscreen (Windshield)
 Indicators (Turn Signals)
 Full/Dipped Headlights (Hi/Low Beams)   [is it head LAMPS 
  or head LIGHTS - now I'm getting confused]

I'm sure there are others, but I'm getting brain-cramp.

Oh, its OK.  Don't thank me.  No really, its the least I could do ...

-Mark Quinn