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Re: Wheel fantasy

In a message dated 96-12-08 16:41:35 EST, you write:

<<      Scott,
         I think they are pretty different from the 5ktq's wheels, but not
 much off from those of the 200tq, at least the 20V's.  I have seen a 200tqw
 h Mercedes sedal (300TD/E) wheels on it, and I know Jerry Beer runs his
 tires for his '91 200tqw on Mercedes rims.  He also has Mercedes calipers
 rotors on his car.  They work, but are ugly IMHO.
The 2oo/s4 wheels have a more positive offset, they tend to rub the steering
arms when put on the 5ktq...  The hub and bolt centers are identical...  The
300 seedan is the app that I have run for years, the wider track has little
affect on the bearings, and tho closer to the fenders at 34-38mm vs the 44-46
on the audis, a 1/2 inch is hardly significant with the stock tires....  I
run the magnesium BBS's in 16X7.5 app on the track with 205/55 16 tires...
 They have had the bolt holes drilled larger for the 14mm audi bolts (MB is
11mm) and uses the aluminum centering ring....  

The only problem audi folks find is that the 200 UFO brakes are not always
interchangeable with the 5ktq/300 cars becuz of the funky brake config
hitting the inner spokes....