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General A4 stuff

Hey all,
I've been seeing some new traffic on A4's recently. The currently available
mods are pretty much limited to suspensions and the Schaumberg throttle body.
There are no power gains to be had with the throttle body, it increases
midrange torque by improving airflow. The secondary is bored out and opens
earlier. There is some gain from the addition of the K&N filtercharger (~10
hp) at the expense of significant induction noise. I talked with the folks at
ABD about the ABT chip and they said that they were having problems with it
stalling the car. They did not recommend it yet. Incidentally, they had the
ABT rear wing for $500. I have a German A!AvantGarde catalogue that has
essentially the same spoiler for DM 398.00 (you figure it out). They also
have a Betatec upgrade for the A41.8t good for 192 hp for DM 1200. 
On another front, I raced my A4q in my first autocross last weekend. It was a
blast. Many thanks to Duane Hale who took me through the course and gave me
some impromptu instruction. He helped me drop 10 seconds from my first to
fourth run. I just wish I had run with more air in the D40's. They were
complaining quite a bit. I didn't have to dislodge any cones from the
undercarriage though. 

96 A4q
96 Jetta VR6
92 CBR600 F2

"Speed doesn't kill, speed differential does."