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Re: when to shut off ABS??

     My personal experience is that ABS is invaluable in most 
circumstances. While not as exotic or precise as the antiskid 
features of aircraft I used to fly you still have the ability to 
steer. A very grateful Canadian can attest to that. Just after he 
passed me on I-5 the right front wheel on his Subaru came off, right 
axle dug in, spun the car right in front of me, perhaps a car length 
ahead, and we both headed for the shoulder at 70 mph. Even though I 
had jammed the brake (pure reflex)  to the floor (no time for educated
feathering) I was still able to steer and avoid hitting him broadside. We
exchanged a little paint, hand shakes, and cards,  and I got a big
"Thank you, I thought I was dead."  I just got a Christmas card from 
him so he can write again. <G>  No doubt in my mind, the ABS and the
unbelievably fast steering response of the V8Q prevented a major 
accident.  the ABS works great on wet surfaces, and it DO rain here!!!
But I turn it off for ice and snow like the book says--right or wrong. IMO
for most situations for most drivers ABS is the way to go. I'm sure 
there are competition-level  drivers on this list who really don't 
need it -- I aint one of em... "threshold breaking" is great if you 
have time to think. It's the purely reflexive situations where the 
ABS is another plus. Much friendlier to stop 10 feet short of a deer 
than 10 feet beyond it... or be able to turn to avoid it.    
>      If ABS should be off in sand, gravel, ice and snow, then what the hell 
>      good is it?  Threshold braking is easy on dry pavement!  That only 
>      leaves rain.  I thought I wanted ABS for mixed, slippery conditions.
>      Jack Rich