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latest on the beast

Don't worry, the damn thing runs. 
I spent the weekend rewiring some stuff.
As Phil Payne and my mechanic deduced, the connector
on the back of the ignition switch was toast.
I got a used one today and learned the fine art of popping
the connectors out of the plastic housing, and had to splice
one wire (sorry Stott) because it had melted.
I'm not sure why they melted, maybe it was when my starter
shorted out, maybe it was the H4 lights, but with stock bulbs
it should not have been a problem.

Just in case, I also installed a harness from Comp. Ltd.
I got a takeoff (someone returned it) at half price, but 
turned out to be the wrong one, this one had a diode in it 
(japanese car application).  Since I had already carefully wiretied
everything and tucked it all away, I just rewired the wrong bits
and it works great.

I also installed new H1 lights with...100w bulbs.  They don't
sell a harness for this so I made my own.  Home Depot sells
12ga wire for a song and they have lots of colors.
Oh, my battery to starter cable was also kind of rotted, so I
replaced that, then wired power to a car audio-type fuseblock
which distributes power to 2 30amp gold fuses.  One powers the
H4 harness, one powers the H1.  I also ran the wiring for
the fog lights (some was already there) which I will install
once I figure out how to get the old mounts off the bumper
without actually removing the bumper itself.

Oh, once I had the H1s on (sweet!) the squeak in my alternator
became a roar, so I pulled the alternator and had it rebuilt 
at a local shop, cost $85 with 6 month warranty.  

So, I now have incredible lights (Mike Del Tergo made the comment
about being able to see the hair color of the person in front
of you, he's right!), over 14v indicated with H4 lo beams on, and
just shy of 14v with 165w of high beam power on.  Amazing.

Still to come...rear brake cables, fix vacuum routing to diff
locks (no Chris, I thought I had it fixed but I guess not),
install a 3 gauge panel and gauges, relocate diff lever and lights,
and not much else.  Thank god, I've had it.

I don't want to spend the $ on a custom plate, but if I do,
it will read:



| Dan |
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