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Re: Testimony of 4k's

At 08:15 AM 12/10/96 -1000, WILLIE FONG, SMF1 ENGINEERING, (916) 888.4631 wrote:
>I have a question to all you veteran 4k owners. How long will the 5spd 
>manual trans hold up? I've had my 85 4ksq for about 10 months now, 2nd 
>owner, w/150k miles, with thoughts of rebuilding the engine at about 200K.
>Will the tranny require rebuilding at about the same interval as the 
>engine? The previous owner has cared for the car quite well. 
>I've been so surprising impressed by the reliability of this 10+ year old 
>Audi, that i'm currently trying to sell my 90 Jeep wrangler, piece of S#@T,
>for a 90Q. Any thoughts on which years are the best?...thanks
>Auburn Ca

Just a note:  my '83 4000s 4E has over 200K miles on it--don't know how many
'cause the odometer quit working at about 130K.  No tranny rebuild--one
engine rebuild at about 80k miles, but that was my fault and the fault of an
accident, not that of the car's.  Still runs great....won't do 100 mph, but
it gets me there.  The only major problems with the car have been (drum
roll, please) electrical, if you couldn't have guessed...

Achille Riviello
'83 4000s 5-speed, 200k+  miles,
'96 A4Q 5-speed, 1128 miles
HK P7M13
"In a world of compromise, some don't"--HK