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RE:Radar detectors


	STOP!  Don't buy a whistler radar detector!  I have tried several
ie:whistler, bel, cobra, k40, yatta, yatta, yatta......(in recent years
some Cobra models are actually made by CM for them)
	In my humble opinion(yeh right, humble hah!)  the products from
Cinncinnati Microwave are absolutely the best equipment on the market
today.  Escort, Passport, & Solo incorperate cutting edge technollogy
into reasonabley priced radar detectors that will be here years from
now.  You can mail order directly from CM or on occasion find factory
refurbs available from DaMark at about 30-50% savings from new.  The
nice thing about CM Products is the consistancey from the origanal
Escort of the late seventies, the audible warnings are the same tones. 
They are distinct and easy to recognize what type of speed monitoring
device is being used:X K Ka or Laser and how close it is.  Most other
detectors buzz, chirp, whistle, rattle, flash, jump up and down etc. and
you are so busy trying to decipher what is going on you can't
concentrate on where the officer is or if it is just a big false alarm
(a very frequent occurance with most low quality detectors).  CM
products incorperate safty pilot, VG2 anti-detector technology, DSP, and
anti-falsing. Call their number for more info and Web-site
The difference between buying a $65 Wal-mart special and a $165
Escort/Passport/Solo is that of a Pinto vs. 4000 S Quattro

<"In a world of compromise, some don't"--HK> ---So Don't---

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stand behind them :)

Stephen Jenkins
Portland, OR