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Two Questions

I buried two questions in a recent post - and many of you may have 
missed them.  So here they are...the car is a 1990 200.

1)  Having installed Euro-lights on a harness with relay, I need to turn 
off the "light out" warning light on the dash.  I have found two 
alternatives: a)  bend over one contact on the front light relay, or 
b) pull (an unspecified) wire out of "the connector for the 
auto-check circuit." I haven't found this unit or the wire...would 
appreciate specifics from the inventor of this method.

There was a reference to a third method (possibly from SteadiRic?) but 
I can't find it described.  Suggestions??

2)  My A/C fresh air flap is not closing on ECON of DEFOG.  I 
replaced the (broken) spring which should assist it to close, but 
can't find a good attachment point for the forward end of the spring. 
 All I can do is run it straight UP to the servo above it, and it 
seems to lack leverage.  WHERE DOES THE forward end of that 
fresh air flap spring mount?  Would someone please look and tell me?  
I think you can see it from below with a flashlight without moving 
anything out of the way.  It's right above the passenger's toes.

I thanks ya!

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