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> From: hill@eng.pko.dec.com (Paul Hill 223-2154)

> 1986 5000 CSTQ
> While putting the winter wheels on the car last weekend I noticed 
> that the rear disks and pads are in poor shape.

> As I have no idea what type of pads are in there (front or rear)
> I don't know what to get as replacements. I am a sedate driver
> (honest!! I would even wear a hat if there was enough headroom!)
> so I don't need anything exotic, but I would like them to work.
> Recommendations?  Also, should I replace the front ones at the 
> same time just to keep them matched?

Paul - I bought stock Audi rotors and Repco metal master pads from 
Blaufergnugen last summer, and am VERY happy with them.  The rear 
rotors are trivial to replace (other than screwing in the brake 
pistions) and not expensive.  The Repcos are good for my use because 
the car is NOT a track car and they generate less dust than the stock 
ones.  I have no problem with them stopping when still cold.

You do NOT need to replace the front brakes just to do so at the same 
time.  Replace when pad thickness is 30% or less of the original.  
(Brake pad performance is compromised when less than 30% of original 
thickness; the reduced amount of pad material means the brake 
overheats significantly faster than when new.)

(And the fight was on....)

About the calipers, I dunno - but I would check Blauf. for them, too, 
as their prices are good.  They can also counsel you on whether you 
really need the calipers, as they're not gonna be cheep.  Could it be 
the failure-to-release is the brake cable, not the caliper??

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