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1990 Coupe for sale, and info on 1.8T sticks

Hello.  Haven't been on for a while.  How is everyone?  Eric still think his
5000 can beat a 911 C4 Turbo from 0-100 and back to 0?

2 topics:

1)  I spoke with my dealer today.  I had an order for a Boxster in with him,
and we have purchased our last few Audi's from him.  The Audi DM was there
and said that the 1.8T 5 speeds are being built in January (put in your
options request this week) and will be here by mid February, depending on how
far you are from port.  That is as accurate as I can get.  And yes, I trust
this guy.

2)  I have, as hinted, decided to break off the 4 rings and get a P.  The
Boxster is insane and very hard to get in LA.  There is a 70 person waiting
list per dealer, and I am #6.  Regardless, it means that my 1990 Coupe
Quattro is finally for sale- though I can't deliver till Feb (which should
leave plenty of poor-weather driving fun for you in 1997) unless someone is
in some weird situation and their loan expires in January.

1990 Pearl white/black leather Coupe Quattro
60,400 miles (documented)
1000 miles on RE71 Z rated tires
Original speedlines, good condition, standard hairlines
Custom stereo, looks stock, ain't.
Cold weather package (heated seats, etc.)
H&R springs, K&N filtercharger (originals still available)
car cover, babied, and the clincher,
STILL UNDER WARRANTY! Yes, until Oct. 1997, transferrable.
All papers/documents available. I am the second owner.

Please Email me at SaamG@aol.com or call my office- 310-392-3113
I am in Los Angeles.  

I will try to post this a couple of times, since people are leaving on
vacation and such.  I will still continue with feedback on the list,
especially when my sis gets her 1.8T 5 speed.

Thanks to everyone, and have a great holiday.  (peace, and all wheel drive.)

Saam Gabbay
1990 Coupe Quattro