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Re: Thanks, all

Linus wrote:
>expensive fuel additives) or are off to the scrap yard by now.  I guess my
>question is, is there a requirement for early ur-q cars to run leaded fuel
>or will unleaded fuel (with sufficient octane rating to prevent
>pre-ignition) work

My 82 (Delivered in Germany) & 85 (delivered England) Ur-qs both liked to
run on the best octane they could get, which for a readily available fuel
in Oz equates to Premium Unleaded with a bit of leaded added. This was Neds
suggestion, and seemed to work pretty well. According to Ned the small
amount of lead potentiates the octane boosting additives in the unleaded.

Both cars prefered diet was 110 octane Avgas which contains heaps of lead.
I can sense Erics blood pressure rising, so I'll add: Eric insists that
Avgas with lead to the premature demise of any  or all parts of your car
that it comes into contact with. I disagree, at least when used in cars
without cats or 02 sensors.

John Firkins