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VAG trivia

In message <Pine.SUN.3.93.961210150028.20378A-100000@laurent.math.uwaterloo.ca> Avi Cieplinski writes:

> I do believe it stands for "Volkswagen Audi Gesellschaft".

I think it stands for everything!
I have a lot of original factory documentation in German.  In some places it 
refers to the "V.A.G Organisation" - the period after the G strongly implies 
that it does _not_ stand for Aktiengesellschaft, which is one word even though 
it's built out of lots of parts.  In other places (e.g., the copyright notice) 
it refers to "Volkswagen AG" - which would imply that it might.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club