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Day of Judgement

Well next Friday Im getting up at silly o'clock in the morning (anything 
before 08:00hrs is silly to me ;-) and taking the car to BR Motorsport.

All being well, I'll have my new set of HT Leads on by then, as they seem 
to be the cause of quite a few "power loss" problems, because when I 
sprayed them with lots of WD40, and checked all the connections the car 
was a whole lot better.
I still have the "engine revs dont drop straight away" problem which BRM 
have put down to a leaking hose somewhere.

But while Im there, can anyone think of anything I want to get them to 
check over, test etc, as I want the car running 100% when I leave.


Car: urq of the 88 vintage

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
Always buy the best PC you can afford, that way, when it crashes it will
reboot faster.