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Re: when to shut off ABS??

In a message dated 96-12-11 00:21:50 EST, you write:

<< incidentally for those who tout their own braking skill over abs, it is
salutatory to see
 that abs is loved by most pro drivers, and is banned in most major
Good brakes and suspension first, then add abs, won't find me, eric, or
anybody else disagreeing....   hardly the definition of audi cars, more the
defintion of say, an (new) M3, or a porcshe 951.... INDY cars had a go round
with it, that pretty much killed it.....  Also, every team was tracking the
laps on the computer....  hmmmm, do that enough times, the driver only needs
to steer....   The programs for traction control were snuck in there too....
  Track is a little different than street remember....  If you take the
skippy rule, all braking is done in a straight line, so abs has a different
function on the track, full throttle, no brainer stamp on the brake then full
throttle, ad nauseum....  real world roads hardly mimic this action....

After the cf gets low enough, the abs is a non entity in the audis, it starts
with wet snow and goes to ice....  Before that, I personally have no problem
with abs on...  The theories on gravel, snow and sand are all valid tho, a
plow will out brake antilock.....  Can you leave ABS on all the time, you
bet....  BTW, interesting statistic out regarding ABS from insurance
companies yesterday....  It seems that more deaths associated with ABS car
accidents than non abs....  They attribute it to driver education of abs...
  Hello, wholly my point......    (First/last time I'll ever thank Geico for