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RE: buy a 4000?

My '84 4000q has been remarkably trouble-free and reliable.  It only
left me stranded once when the fuel pump relay developed a cracked
solder joint.  With 140K+ miles (dunno 'cuz of the busted odometer), it
still has the original fuel pump, plug wires, clutch, alternator, etc.
It uses no oil between changes (4K).  And it is just beginning to show
signs of rusting away in these upstate NY winters.

Yeah, it's a little tired and could use new struts and bushings, but it
keeps cranking along, and it is simple enough to fix when things go
awry.  I'll probably have to sell it this spring, just to get it to
someone who will drive it more (since my '91 200q has spoiled me :-).
They're really great little cars and built to last.

John Mallick

Ooops...forgot about those $600 mufflers every 3 years...oh well, it is
still reliable...