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Re: Lights/RaceCar

At 06:45 AM 12/11/96 -0800, you wrote:
>>There were others, but I think I got the main points.  Don't know what these
>>bulbs cost, but the real expense is the controler/balast.  Very complicated.
>Do you know what the V-I characteristics of  a Xenon lamp are?  I would
>expect them to look sort of like other gas discharge lamps.  High voltage,
>low current until the plasma discharge starts then low voltage, high current.
Yes.  The trick with automotive apps is getting the warm-up time down to
nothing.  That's why the controller is so important.  The voltage and
current are listed in the article, and if you'd like, I'll get them to you.
I think the bulbs are called "Xenarc".  They're made by Osram.  

>If somebody made Xenon lamps that would fit standard halogen lamp sockets,
>I'd take a crack at the ballast.
It sounded like they were meant to replace H-1 bulbs, but it wasn't stated
explicitly.  Definitely worth a look  though.  If you had good reflectors
and lenses (read "European"), the bulbs would be great.  Never having to
replace the bulbs would be an advantge too.

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