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RE: quattro-digest V3 #1484

Hello fellow q-list members this is my first post ever after being on the
list for about a year.  About CPA motors...  
I've bought 2 5kcstQ's from them and I've had nothing but great experiences!
In 91' I bought an '87 5kcstq that was in excellent condition for a really 
good price.  After totalling that one after 4 "San Diego-Atlanta 100+ mph"
jaunts across country (It had 140297 and ran harder than when I bought w/75k)
I bought the pearl white 5kcstq that I own now.  I Also got a pretty good deal
on that one.  He also sells parts for reasonable prices.  If you're in the 
market for a quattro, this is no doubt the place to check out.  I'm sure you
can get what you want.  If he doesn't have it he can probably get it.    
The owner's name is Bob, and he's a pretty cool guy.  No, I'm not getting paid
to do this.  I haven't talked to Bob in over a year.

Rodney Broussard

Pearl White 87 5kcstq
Red 94 Dodge Ram Sport

Acts 4:12 -- Only One way!!!