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FS 5000 rims,tires & Int

Making room in the 2 car garage for an actual car, hopefully the TQC.  I
need to get rid of 4 Michelin MXV 195-60-15 2 with 20K miles, 2 with <10K
B.O. Also have a set of Ronal 15X6(2 gold 2 silver) with 195-60 Gilsalved
Frosts ~15K miles looking for offers. Interior set of 5000 fronts and rear
seats, powered and heated.  They are biege and the seude and leather setup.
The rears are fine the fronts need new butt cushions but heaters and power
functions are fine again B.O.  All items are in Southern NH, It would not be
cost effective to ship the seats, tires and rims maybe.