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Re: when to shut off ABS, plus when to shut off Airbags

I recently posted the question if anyone knows how to
temporarily disable the passenger Airbag (and/or wire
a switch) to avoid problems with kids up front.  I got
a couple of responses saying kids shouldn't be up front 
anyway, and normally (number of passengers permitting) 
I agree that that is the case.  In fact (especially 
with the airbag active) I don't currently let that 
happen.  However, I have 3 kids, two in carseats, which 
is a tremendous squeeze in the back of an A4!  So, I 
wanted to be able to put the biggest'un (7yr old) in 
the front when just me an all the kids are out for a 

So after that little bit of self-defense, anyone know
the answer to the question?  (BTW, I asked the dealer
they said they couldn't tell me for potential litigation
reasons - at least not until NHTSA makes a decree.)

-Mark Quinn