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Rain-X solution!

How about a different perspective here...

I use Rain-X.  I've been using it on my '87 Ford Escort Pony since it was
new, and now use it on my '97 Audi A4Q.  (Call that a step up?)  My friends'
cars usually aren't Rain-X'd.  And they suffer smearing when the windshield
is no longer new.  The water flattens out and goes under the wipers, the
wipers don't wipe clean, and the water sheets instead of beading.  Of
course, this is WHY I use Rain-X.

There's a product called "Glass Wax" that will get your windshield
absolutely clean.  However, it will still be GLASS.  Put a pyrex bowl
outside (or use it for holding the water you rinse your razor in for a
couple o' years) and you'll have smearing and film, etc., on that.

Old Rain-X might make it a smidgen worse, I suppose, what with having bonded
to the glass before, but the point is that un-Rain-X'd glass sucks anyhow.


>From: dan_masi@MENTORG.COM (Dan Masi)
>No, Chris is right.  It's happened to me on every car I've
>ever used Rain-X on, and I keep making the mistake of trying
>again.  Granted, the smearing isn't real bad, but I notice
>The problem isn't with using Rain-X.  Rain-X works just fine,
>and I'm sure you haven't had a problem with it after using it
>for years.  The problem is when you decide *not* to use
>Rain-X anymore.  The stuff is addictive.  Use it once, and
>you're hooked.  The only way to prevent smearing seems to be
>to continue to use it.
>Chris, keep us posted.  I was gonna try acetone, but since
>you already tried it, I guess I won't bother.  Have you tried
>calling them?
>Dan Masi
>'96 A4Q