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Re: What's the big deal about Torsen?

>And none of the non-TORSEN cars owned by club members around me can hope to 
>keep up around traffic islands.  Nigel and Steve on the list both have 
>cars (a 20V and an MB like mine respectively) and we regularly show the 
>technology where it's really at.  I'm not saying it's ideal for track 
>racing or 
>rallying, but for sudden serious situations on normal roads it's close to 
>perfect.  Dave Coughtrie in Wellingborough can make me pay attention when he

>drives his Ford Modeo turbo diesel, but his (non-TORSEN) urq is not much 
>than the Ford.  The MB's understeer is easily corrected by a large toolkit 
>the boot - my car is precisely neutral running driver-only and just gently 
>slides sideways.

Hmmmmmmm.... I REALLY Hopping that you bring your car over 
Phil...........  Not really sure that you know of what your typing.....


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO