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Re: Re. when to shut off ABS??

>Someone posted that when driving in snow, you should turn off ABS. I tend to

>disagree. Last year, during a glorious snow-romp, first time in the quattro,

>I was flying around the snow/icy road. The ABS seemed to work well-stopped 
>(pun intended) the car from sliding out of control and provided braking.

It depends on the snow......  Wet thick snow, gravel, wet sand, In those 
conditions you should turn off the ABS, Shorter stopping distance and 
greater control will result.

>There's nothing quite as thrilling as the incipient slip/grab of 4WD in a 
>luxury/sports wagon, is there?

There are plenty of things that I can think about.

>After cleaning my wheels, I do apply the brakes hard with the ABS off. Not 
>sure why, but sometimes I do.



Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO