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What's the big deal about Torsen?

In message <961211113237_167848580@emout09.mail.aol.com> STEADIRIC@aol.com writes:

> Hmmmmmmm.... I REALLY Hopping that you bring your car over
> Phil...........  Not really sure that you know of what your typing.....

Ditto, I'm sure.

Can it be there's a touch of jealousy here, with the USA not getting
the TORSEN version?

In real terms, the MB TORSEN and the 20V cost almost 60% more than the
original urq.  There's a reason for this - a lot of technology.  Not
just vastly improved engine controls, accelerometer ABS, TORSEN, etc.,
but a whole mess of tiny details.

We run large numbers of older urqs (like the ones shipped to the States,
but 170bhp stock) against large numbers of TORSEN and 20V TORSEN urqs.

We _know_ of what we speak.  Oil cooler pipes permitting, John Coughtrie
and I will chase each other's tails for 120 miles on very twisty A-roads
tomorrow night - and there's absolutely no doubt that I'll show him a
very clean pair of heels, despite him probably being a better driver.  I
don't go in for all this "left foot braking to keep the turbo spinning"
stuff.  John can make a Mondeo _shift_ - he's quicker still in his
non-TORSEN urq.  But he ain't as quick as I can be when I want to be!

This is just as peculiar to me as the "5000tqw" comments.  There ain't
no way - this is a completely different class of automobile.

 Phil Payne

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