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Summary of C&D's 10 best list history of Audi!!!!!

Here is a summary of the past 15 years of Car & Driver's 10 best lists which
they print in every January issue.  Audis are no stranger to these awards,
here are the Years, Catagory and model of Audis who have won in the fifteen
years of Car & Driver's TEN BEST annual issues:

1984: Ten Best Cars:    Audi 5000 (all models)

1985: Ten Best Cars:    Audi 5000 (all models)

1986: Ten Best Cars:    Audi 5000 CSTQ
         Ten Best Engineers of all time:  Ferdinand Piech
         Ten Best Performers: Audi 4000S-Best Braking (without ABS!)
         Ten Best Features:  Coupe GT-Best Steering
Yes, '86 was a good year for Audi, but these awards were given at Audi's peak
in the U.S. at the same time the Unintended Acceleration B.S. news broke out.

1987: Ten Best Cars:    Audi 5000 CSTQ 

1988: Ten Best Cars:    Audi 5000

1989: I don't have this issue on hand, but recall Audi earning one of the 10
losers of the year for their lack of respnse and handling of the "Unitended
Acceleration" B.S.

1990: Ten Best Inspirered Designs of all time:  Audi 100 (5000)
         Ten Best Things to Come: Lightweight Bodies-use of Aluminum in car
bodies, picture of the Audi 5000 shell and body panels being held up by 2

1991: Nothing

1992: Nothing

1993: 10 Best Unheralded Performance Cars:  Audi Coupe GT

1994: 10 Winners and Losers of 1994: Ferdinand Piech, LOSER-due to the Inaki
Lopez lawsuits and VW's 60% drop in sales over the last year, no mention of

1995: Nothing

1996: Ten Best Cars:    Audi A4

1997: Ten Best Cars:    Audi A4, with honorable mention going to the A8 which
would have ended up on the list except it was over the price cap.
         Ten Winners & Losers: Audi, MB, BMW, and Porsche are credited for
helping to save the 2 seat sports car market with the TT, SLK, Z3, Boxster.

Well Audi is back onthe 10 best list for good it seems, let the good times

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