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Re[2]: leaky footwell

     I do have a clogged A/C drain.  My mechanic estimates it would be 
     $300 to fix it.  He said the drain in the evaporator housing is 
     clogged and the housings needs to be remove it to fix it.  Anyone 
     have any ideas how I could fix it myself?
     87 5KCSTQ

Shawn Mullen:
the leak you are experiencing is usually from a clogged A/C drain behind the 
glove box, BUT, being cold out, I assume you are not using your A/C.  My '85 
CGT had water leaking in to the passenger footwell from the windshield seal.
 water was getting in at the lower corner passenger side.  I pulled out most
of my dash and interior while my dad sprayed high pressure water until I 
found this out.  3 ounces of silicon sealant later, it was fixed.  I would 
look at this possibility also!
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