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OEM vs. generic floormats ('90 V8Q)

My V8 (bought used) did not come with floormats.  Just black carpeting. 
  The carpet is in good shape and I'd like to keep it that way.

Did the car originally come with mats; carpeted or rubber?  Did the OEM mats 
have any special features or ornamentation which makes them especially 
desirable? (...other than holes to accommodate  the mat positioning pegs in 
front of the seats?)

The nearest Audi dealer and a local "performance" shop are quoting very 
similar prices for "OEM quality" mats (~$120).  My wife has noted that Al's 
Auto Supply has car mats for $35 a set.  How hard should I lobby for the 
Real Thing?  Is it worth it?  Do you have a preferred vendor for floor mats?

I'd like some input before Christmas!  Thanks.

 -Andy Tiura